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Dennis Zalar

Mt. Airy, Maryland

We'll soon be entering our 3rd year with Freedom Lawns and we can't say enough good things about our experience. Our lawn is the healthiest it's been in 4 years and their customer service is unparalleled. Because of the results they delivered, we now have more than a dozen of our neighbors using them. That is the best endorsement you can get.

John Tedrow

Monrovia, Maryland

I chose Freedom Lawns because of their great reputation and their sense of urgency when a costume has a problem.  For instance,  I had a bad infestation of army worms! I called Freedom Lawns and they came out same day to treat.  This type of service is very hard to come by and they have surpassed my expectations.

Thank you Freedom Lawns for all that you have done to make me love my lawn.



Zach Hancock

New Market, Maryland

I take pride in making my lawn look great. I measure the pH, fertilize and mow to ensure the lawn is at its best. However, since I am in the Marines, my duties have taken me away from MD. Therefore, not being able to care for my investment, I realized I needed help from someone. I had noticed a couple of lawns that were done by Freedom Lawns and was very impressed with the immediate results.

After my first tenant did not take care of my lawn, I knew that I needed the professionals to protect my investment. I always recommend Freedom Lawns to friends (living in the area) who are considering lawn service. Especially those who have Bermuda. Bermuda can be a fickle beast and Freedom Lawns knows their grass!

Keep up the great work and you will have this home owner for life!

Cheryl Mesimore

Frederick, Maryland

I wanted to share the reasons we chose Freedom Lawns Service. We just moved to our current home not quite a year ago and saw what bad shape our lawn was in with all kinds of weeds and just not looking healthy.  Also, not knowing when it had last been fertilized or maintained, we knew it needed help.  We asked some people in our community and Freedom Lawns Service was highly recommended to us.  I called and a technician came right out and gave us the necessary information and exactly what our lawn needed.

After looking over the information, I felt the prices on the services were very reasonable as we have used other lawn companies in the past and felt we were over-charged for their services especially after most of our grass died.  After having several treatments from Freedom Lawns Service, the weeds are almost completely gone and the overall appearance of the lawn looks great!!! Thank you for your knowledge of restoring and maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Spike Gray

Damascus, Maryland

I don’t have to mark my calendar, pick up necessary supplies, saves space in my sheds and keeps me out of the heat. It really is a no brainier.

I have pets that are in an area of approx. 1 ½ acres. The treatments do not affect the health of my dogs, I don’t have children so they are very special to me. The fire ant treatment is awesome in protecting them from bites. I have 4 different types of grasses and Freedom Lawns treats each of them separately for different needs. I have used them for approx. 8 to 10 years and my lawn looks better all the time. As I said, it really is a no brainer decision for me.

Maria Stanley

Clarksburg, Maryland

I chose Freedom Lawns because I watched the difference that they made over other companies doing the exact same thing.  My lawn was being treated by another company and it was slowly dying.  The answer I got from the other company was that I needed to re-sod because my bluegrass was too old and had to be re-sodded every 20-25 years.  Well, since I have had Freedom Lawn my yard is healthy, weed free and so lush.

The staff at Freedom Lawn is very friendly, knowledgeable and hard working.  The staff gives the consumer a since that they truly care about your lawn and its needs.  I love your company and completely trust that you will take care of the needs of my lawn.

Thank you so very much for all your hard work, sweat and caring when it comes to my lawn.  Your staff treat's my lawn as if it was there own yard.

Jennifer Selden

Columbia, Maryland

I chose Freedom Lawns because of the great customer service.  I was using a competitor, Scotts, for 6 years, and during that time, I never got to actually have a conversation with my yard technician while he was treating my lawn.  It was like they tried to sneak in and out without anyone knowing they were there, so they didn't have to deal with customers. 

When I called the office to try and speak with the person who was actually treating my lawn, the secretary would always take a message, ask my question for me, and then call me back...it was never someone who actually does the yard work.  The only time I actually spoke with someone besides the secretary, who was lovely, by the way, was when I called to cancel my service and then the owner actually did call me.  Not good.

When I call Freedom Lawns, I speak with people who know what they are talking about, who know my lawn specifically, and ALWAYS someone offers to drive over and stand in my yard and discuss my issues.  So much better.  I appreciate being treated like more than just a checkbook!

Mr. & Mrs. Burch

Urbana, Maryland

Thank you for the impeccable service! We are beyond impressed with not only the results of our beautiful green lawn but also the amazing customer service that you have provided!

We look forward to ongoing service!!!

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