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A service designed to improve the beauty and good health of your landscape plants -Guaranteed!


Your ornamental landscape plants  play an important role in the value aesthetic appeal,  and comfort of your home. Our programs are customized to preserve and improve the beauty and good health of your specific plants.

Our plant health care services are designed to work in harmony with the natural environment within your landscapes. Each visit includes careful monitoring of your plants and small trees for existing or potential problems, such as diseases, insects, or other pest related problems.

Additionally, our plant health care service includes our specially formulated organic based plant fertilizers which are applied on a timely basis to promote healthier plants, more vibrant foliage, and better blooms!,  Our services also include a report  regarding your landscape plants with each visit. We will make ongoing recommendations concerning cultural practices such as proper irrigation, pruning, transplanting, or the installation of plant varieties that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your landscape.

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